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December 12, 2018
Different features of a bathroom

Project Profile: Contemporary & Inviting Clive Master Bath

The good news about this master bath was that there was already plenty of space, a definite benefit when it comes to remodeling. The bad news was that the home builder made very poor use of it with a tiny shower and a very “creative” vanity. These homeowners trusted us to design a master bath that better used the space with modern finishes that made the room feel warm and inviting. Enjoy the transformation!

BEFORE – The original master bath had a double vanity (plus), but the toilet was right next to the vanity (minus) and the vanity ran into the window (minus), resulting in a strange situation.
AFTER – The vanity area and toilet area switched places, and there was plenty of room for a half wall to provide separation between the toilet and vanity, greatly reducing the chance that a toothbrush ends up in the toilet! (Huge plus.)

BEFORE – Another mystery of the original master bath is the choice to use a small neo-angle shower when there was clearly room for a much more functional shower alongside the jetted tub. This little shower was tucked behind the tub, and left the homeowners feeling just as cramped.
AFTER – The space is much more reflective of the homeowners’ lives with a spacious shower and a scaled down bathtub. Double in size, and much more open, the new shower is an unobtrusive focal point. The shower is finished with a mix of tile that complements the cabinets. 

BEFORE – The jetted tub took up a lot of space, and like most, was used infrequently.
AFTER – With the new tub, there was room for floating cabinetry to add to the room’s linen storage. The new bathtub has a clean-lined minimalist design and is still large enough for a relaxing soak.

AFTER – The homeowners wanted modern-looking finishes with clean lines, but wanted to avoid anything that looked cold or stark. The maple cabinets have a warm spice stain that lends the right amount of richness and warmth to the bathroom. The vanity is topped with suede brown granite, which typically has a tight grain and an almost leathery look. The chrome fixtures are Pivitol, by Delta, chosen for their simple, contemporary look. And while you can’t see it, heated flooring runs throughout the space keeping the temp just right, even during cold winters.

If you’re dealing with space in your home that isn’t making you feel warm and cozy, contact us. Our design and build professionals will have you loving your home in no time!

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  1. Vincent E George October 17, 2019

    I think y’all did a great job.

    I really like how you took the time to write extensively about the before and after of every piece of work you performed.

    The use of before and after photos helps a reader to understand exactly what you are writing about.

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