Home Additions

Sometimes, you absolutely positively need more space. Moving is expensive, and with so many great neighborhoods in our area, more and more people are choosing to add on to their existing homes.

Is an Addition Right For You?

We’ll work with you to clearly understand your goals and we’ll present multiple ways those goals can be met that make sense for your home. Sometimes, homeowners are pleased to realize they can meet their goals through a remodel instead of an addition. Other times, an addition is clearly necessary.

A Space That Integrates Seamlessly Inside and Out

An addition is one of the most complex remodeling projects for anyone to undertake. When planning an addition, you don’t want to go with the guy who says, “Yeah, I think we can do that.” You want the company that has done that, and has done it well. You want an addition that looks like it belongs on your home, that’s undetectable as an addition both inside and out, and that’s what you’ll get from the design/build team at Red House Remodeling.

How Much Does an Addition Cost?

The cost of an addition depends heavily on the size and scope of the project. The most recent Cost vs. Value report, produced by Remodeling magazine, includes the cost of various types of additions at costvsvalue.com. Considering an addition to your home? Contact us to schedule a consultation. It’s time you love your home!

Featured Des Moines Home Additions