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January 10, 2023
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What Stories Will We Tell in 2023?

What remodeling stories will Red House Remodeling tell in 2023? That’s up to you, homeowner. The stories we tell as a design/build remodeler are told through floorplans, elevations, walls that are moved and finish materials. The stories involve cabinet finishes, countertops, hardware, fixtures and paint colors.

Some of our stories are already in progress, in various stages of design and production:

We’ll tell the remodeling story of a family who has outgrown their space, but loves their neighborhood. Their story will start out a mystery. Will they move? Will they be open to more effective uses of their space? Will they choose to enlarge their living space? Spoiler alert: they’re staying and we’re helping them reimagine their existing space so that it functions better for their family.

We’ll share the remodeling story of a homeowner with mobility issues who is fiercely independent and needs an expanded accessible shower that incorporates the aesthetic she’s established throughout her home.

The thing about remodeling is that it’s a product and a service, what people are really buying though, are relationships and stories.

We’ll describe the remodeling story of homeowners who have a terrific home, but want finish upgrades throughout that will make the home THEIR home. From new countertops and tile in the kitchen to a re-imagined fireplace surround and a new shower and built-in storage for the basement bathroom.

We’ll also expand upon remodeling stories that currently exist only in the minds of homeowners. Somewhere someone is finally going to take the first step of a kitchen remodel, after years of just thinking about it. Someone else is just beginning to consider updates to their home. Someone is budgeting for their remodeled primary bath. Regardless of where you are in your home story, we’re here to help.

As an experienced, professional design-build remodeler, we’ve seen a lot, heard a lot, and remodeled a lot. We’ll tell your remodeling story too.

For more information, attend one of our Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Seminars or reach out to schedule a free consultation. With Red House Remodeling, you’ll love your home!