Our Design-Build Remodeling Process

Getting Started

Initial Discussion

Our initial discussion is typically a phone conversation during which we talk about your project, goals, ideas, timeline and budget objectives. Often we are able to provide a general budget range for the project based upon our experience with similar projects. Why do we need to know your timeline? If you have a specific date when your project must be finished, for a graduation or holiday, for example, we need to know that up front so we can make sure it’s possible to meet the deadline.

Why do you need to know my budget? Budget is very important so that we can provide accurate advice. Remodeling is a complex process and budgets are affected by many factors beyond the finishes or products you choose to include. If the size and scope of the project match your budget, great! If the size and scope of the project exceeds your budget, you can choose to increase your budget or we can advise what can be done within your budget. Either way, it’s about working together to find a balance, and we value providing you with useful and honest information.

In-Home Consultation

If we decide we’re a good fit for each other during the phone consultation, the next step is an in-home visit. During the in-home visit we get to see your space and further discuss your project in terms of design and scope of work, as well as gather information necessary for a preliminary budget.

Planning Your Project

Design & Planning

This is where Red House Remodeling excels. During this stage, we will work closely with you to evaluate different layout and design options and select finishes that meet your goals and agreed upon budget. Our team will also be working to determine construction feasibility and finalize details of the construction plan.

Building Your Project


It may seem quiet to you during this stage, but much occurs to set the table for success during the production phase. This is where we order materials, schedule deliveries, organize the labor resources of both in-house and sub-contracted workers, acquire building permits and organize all necessary communication materials to ensure smooth production. This stage concludes with an on-site meeting to review the production plan before work begins.

Production (Construction) Phase

We’ve spent a lot of time and effort on design, planning and pre-construction, and now the fun begins! On the first day, we will do a thorough walk-through of the project with the Red House Remodeling employee who has been assigned as the lead on your project. We will also review all job-related documentation, including important documents that will be displayed on site for reference throughout production. Frequent site visits by Ben and walk-throughs with you are a big part of the project’s success. This will be an exciting and challenging time for you as you experience construction in your home . it will be worth it!


At this stage, you’re going to enjoy having peace and quiet. But if you have any concerns, we’re always just a phone call or email away. All of our work is backed by a two-year warranty in addition to various manufacturers’ warranties on the products used on your job. Enjoy your newly remodeled space!