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January 6, 2019
A beautiful cabin with beautiful tiles

Cabinet & Countertop Finishes: What’s a homeowner to do?

Take a look at any kitchen and bath design publication, website or social media and you’ll get a pretty good idea of the popular finishes right now. Cabinets, countertops and fixtures all ebb and flow with the times, impacted by new introductions by manufacturers and the choices of designers across the country. So what’s being used in our neck of the woods? What are our actual customers choosing? We’ve got the stats for you, and we’re really not that different from the rest of the country.

Cabinet Finishes – It’s probably no surprise that the majority (39%) of the cabinets that our homeowners chose last year were white (painted white). But brown-stained woods are making a comeback­ (not that they were ever gone) and were the second most popular choice (29%) for our customers. Next in order of popularity: gray stain (20%), grey paint (10%) and white stain (2%). What’s next for cabinet finishes? While the current trends will continue, we’re seeing a lot of blue-toned stains, along with bleached and rustic wood finishes.

Wood Types – Especially with stained finishes, the grain matters, and impacts how certain finishes will look in your space. Our customers overwhelmingly chose maple cabinets (63%), followed by poplar (23%). Nearly tied for third: cherry, alder and oak.

Countertops – Quartz has really taken the lead over granite (84% vs 16%) and we expect that trend to continue. Make no mistake, there are very beautiful and unique granites to choose from and it’s still an excellent and durable countertop choice.

As for countertop colors, neutrals rule, and we installed equal amounts of white and gray counters (35% each). Beige was slightly less popular with our customers (25%), while we installed just several (5%) all black counters this past year. Like cabinets, we’ve seen new quartz options that incorporate navy into the mix and there are always bold colors for homeowners ready to make the commitment to color. Some suppliers have introduced quartz products that have the look of wood grain and are quite striking for a large application. Concrete/cement look quartz counters are also very available and offer an easy and user friendly way to incorporate that industrial look.

Plumbing Fixtures – As important as other finishes, fixtures are a major decision for homeowners. Brushed finishes, like nickel and stainless steel, were the most popular last year, followed by polished finishes like chrome and nickel, which are shining again. Oil rubbed bronze/venetian bronze are becoming less popular, while matte black and gold are gaining popularity as they become more universally available.

Regardless of your finish preferences, the talents of a knowledgeable and educated designer is a must for a stress-free, successful and beautiful space that reflects your taste and lifestyle. Our design team is ready to help you move forward with your project. Just click here to schedule an appointment … we’ll help you Love Your Home!

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