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February 12, 2019
Different No stickers pasted on the kitchen image

Can We NOT With These?

There are endless things that separate us, but many people can come together over their shared disdain for some common home attributes and finishes. Here are some things that we’re just not having these days. What would you add to the list? (And if we’ve managed to offend all of your favorite things in a single blog, please accept our apologies …we’re just having fun.)

Carpet in bathrooms/kitchens – It’s just a huge heaping pile of yuck. Yes, carpet is warm and cozy, but so are heated tile floors that don’t harbor mold, skin cells and God only knows what else. In a humid environment like the bathroom, hard floors are a must for so many reasons. Not to mention in kitchens where things splatter and spill daily. If you don’t think heated floors are an option … consider thick socks or comfy slippers because the carpet has got to go.

Black toilets – Kohler has been making black toilets almost continuously for 90 years, and they provide high contrast in certain applications. But how do you know a black toilet is really clean? And more importantly, what if there is a spider hiding somewhere on the toilet? These are the things that keep people up at night and have led us to suggest that toilets are white and that’s that.

Bulkheads – Bulkheads are the result of laziness. Instead of planning HVAC and plumbing so that it can be concealed between joists, at some time in the past, it became acceptable to run ducts and pipes above cabinets and vanities. Concealing them with drywall lowers ceilings and encloses rooms. And in some crazy instances, bulkheads are there just for the look. What?!?

Hollywood vanity lights – Not only are they just ugly, they require a lot of lightbulbs and usually put out a lot of heat. Who wants to be sweating while doing daily vanity tasks? There are endless attractive and functional light fixtures on the market that are much better choices than Hollywood lights.

Open Shelving in Kitchens – Ok, it looks super cool and when staged with matching dishes doesn’t look cluttered at all. And Chip and Joanna are fans. But STORAGE. Do you know anyone who doesn’t need every last inch of cabinet space? Where will you stash all the mis-matched water bottles and coffee mugs? We love open shelving but remodeling design has to take function into account, so when we do open shelves, it’s usually in small amounts in conjunction with ample cabinetry.

Do you have any of these in your home? Are you ready to bid them farewell? Our team will work with you to design and select finishes that result in a space that works for you and your life. And if you want a toilet that’s not white, or a kitchen full of open shelving, we’ll still do our best for you.

A consultation about your project is just a click away. Let us know what you want to remodel. We’ll help you love your home!