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June 6, 2016
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Love Your Home!

With spring in the air and summer around the corner, you might find yourself itching to make changes around the house. We’ve put together some suggestions for ways you can demonstrate affection for your home, now and throughout the year. When you love your home … it shows!

Remodel – While not the least expensive suggestion on the list, a remodel will almost certainly have you loving your home. The most common reason our customers remodel is to update an outdated space and to make the space work better for their family and lifestyle. The most common remodels include kitchens, baths and basements, though more and more homeowners are choosing to remodel an entire floor at once.

Plan for the Future – If you’re staying in your home for a while, put together a home improvement plan. Kitchen, master bath, hall bath, siding, etc. Determine your priorities, set a timeline and begin budgeting. It’s not uncommon for our customers to have a list of projects they plan to do over the course of several years. We can put together a master design plan and work through it.

Paint – Interior paint can be a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up a space if you are willing to do the work yourself. Repaint when the paint begins to show wear or when the color is dated. Or whenever you want! After all, it’s just paint and a new color can really transform a space.

Deep Clean – As the weather warms up, throw open the windows and let in fresh air as you take time to dust ceilings and walls (yes, they are dusty!), and wipe down casing and trim. Wipe down doors and door knobs, and wash windows and window screens. Schedule a carpet cleaning and wash all throw rugs. Clean out and wash light fixtures. Take time to wipe or vacuum blinds and wash window treatments. The list goes on and can be quite overwhelming, so break the tasks into manageable chunks that you can do over the course of a week or month.

Repair – Regardless of how long you plan to live in your home, it makes sense, and usually pays off, to keep things in good repair. That way, if you end up selling, you’re not sinking a lot of money into stuff you should have been taking care of along the way. That leaky faucet, or that cracked window, can be costing you money. Plus, a broken door knob or broken tile can send the wrong message about your home.

Accessorize – Way more fun than deep cleaning, right? If it’s in your budget, shop for some season appropriate accessories. Changing accessories with the season can help you love your home over and over throughout the year. You can also “shop your home” for accessories that can be re-used in a different area.

Ready to show your home some love with a remodel?  Just contact the team at Red House Remodeling and you’ll be head over heels in no time.