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May 4, 2016
Remodeled kitchen cabinetry

Maximizing a Small Kitchen

“I want a bigger kitchen …” “I NEED a bigger kitchen!” Many of us want or need a bigger kitchen, which can be achieved by adding on to the home or borrowing space from another area. But if neither of those options is feasible, due to space or budget, is moving the only option? Are you destined to surrender to a space that can’t accommodate your culinary dreams? Not necessarily, because there are many ways to make your kitchen look and feel larger and function better.

Any kitchen remodel benefits from careful planning, but it’s even more critical when remodeling a small space. Aesthetically, a small space needs to flow well with the rest of the home, and design elements need to work well together.

An experienced designer will help you carefully consider your needs and will offer solutions you might not have considered. Will your kitchen be reserved for cooking and eating only? Do you need a drop zone for mail or a charging station for electronics? Do you need a place for kids to do homework? Do your guests seem to congregate in the kitchen? Once you’ve assessed the various ways you’re going to use the kitchen, consider the following:

Storage Space – In a small kitchen, you need to think about where you’re going to store things. Do you have lots of small appliances? Do you need a pantry? There are many cabinet accessories your designer can recommend that might increase your storage.

Remove or Open Up Walls – Opening up the space shared with a dining room or living room will make the kitchen feel bigger. If you can’t eliminate a wall altogether, you can create an opening or pass-through.

Double Duty Island – Instead of an island and a table, incorporate a larger island that replaces the table. It’s a popular option for many homeowners that can substantially increase storage.

Embrace Light Colors & Reflective Surfaces – Lighter walls, cabinet and floors will help the room feel larger. Mirrors are great decorative pieces and can add the illusion of space.

Vary Cabinets – Lots of tall cabinets will provide you with lots of storage, but can look overwhelming. Glass cabinet doors can make the space feel more open and can break up a large expanse of cabinets. You can also add visual interest by varying the heights of upper cabinets.

The design team at Red House Remodeling is ready to help you maximize your kitchen. Contact us to schedule a consultation or sign up for one of our Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Seminars.