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August 11, 2015
A sink with water and lights

Talking Technology In the Bath

No, we don’t have flying cars like the Jetsons or the shrink ray from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, but bathroom technology is decidedly futuristic and can create the height of comfort and luxury right in your home.

Programmed Lighting – Programmed lighting encompasses everything from motion sensor lights – great for kids who “forget” to turn off lights, for guests who might not be familiar with the bath, even those who struggle to find the switch in the middle of the night. While some lights turn off in the absence of motion, others can be programmed to turn off after a certain amount of time or at a certain time. If you know everyone is out of the house by 8:30am, you can program the lights to turn off at this time.

Automated Exhaust Fan – Generally, an exhaust fan should run for 20 minutes following the end of a shower. But who wants to watch the clock, and what if you’re making a quick exit after your shower? Fan technology allows you to set a timer to turn off the fan and moisture sensing fans turn on whenever moisture is detected. Great for the fan forgetters and those who want a dry environment but who don’t want to run the fan all day.

Courtesy of Grohe

Hands Free Faucets – Hands free faucets can have touch or motion technology, so that you don’t have to manually turn on the faucet if your hands, for example, are covered in hair gel. However, once you’re used to the technology, you might find yourself perplexed when a traditional faucet doesn’t automatically turn on in your presence.

Heated Floors – A cozy floor on a cold day? Hellooooooo, heaven. Because bath floors are usually tile, which can by chilly, they are the perfect location for heated floors. You can set them to be nice and warm when you wake and to turn off at a set time. Want to make morning even better? Pair a heated towel bars with your heated floor. Or put your towel on the floor. Either way your towel ends up feeling snug.

Chromotherapy – Chromatherapy, also known as color therapy, is the use of colored lights to enhance mood. In the bath, chromatherapy is most often used in the shower or the tub, like in the photo at the top of this post from Kohler. Rain showerheads are easy to find with a chromotherapy option.

Digital Shower Controls – With the touch of a button, your shower can be all about you when you have digital shower controls. Set lighting, water temp, water pressure, sprays, even music just the way you want for a completely personalized environment. Many of these functions must be installed with a complete shower renovation, though some can be installed during a fixture replacement.

Courtesy of EverVue

Mirror Magic – Because you don’t need something else on the counter or wall, consider a TV that’s hidden in the mirror. Magic? Not exactly, but certainly magical, hidden TVs are there when you want to watch, and disappear when you don’t. For a further indulgence, you can also install a medicine cabinet with a refrigerated compartment for medications, natural beauty products or your favorite cool beverage.

While some of this technology is currently quite pricey, it’s nice to know that it’s available, even if our cars can’t fly. Contact Red House Remodeling when you’re ready to make your bath the space of your dreams. Click here to schedule a free consultation or here to RSVP to one of our free remodeling seminars.