Different No stickers pasted on the kitchen image

Can We NOT With These?

There are endless things that separate us, but many people can come together over their shared disdain for some common home attributes and finishes. Here are some things that we’re just not having these days. What would you add to the list? (And if we’ve managed to offend all of your favorite things in a…
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A grey kitchen and dining room area

Project Profile: Remodeled Kitchen Is Bigger, Better & Brighter

It’s amazing what a difference extra space can make. Add in updated finishes in lighter colors and greatly improved lighting, and this kitchen is nearly unrecognizable. Enjoy the transformation that happened when a cramped and dated kitchen and dining room were combined to create an open and brighter kitchen. The design included careful collaboration with…
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Some beautiful designs of tiles on the floor

Are You Living Like a Squatter?

“Life’s too short to live like you’re squatting in your own home.” I saw this quote from a designer who was advising homeowners, “don’t wait to decorate.” The same advice should apply to remodeling. Too many times we hear of people who’ve lived in their homes for 10, 20 even 30+ years who suddenly want…
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A fireplace area in a living room

Staging Rules for Everyday Decor

When we take after photos of projects, we stage the space. (Because we take pictures shortly after completion of the project, homeowners haven’t had time to live with, and decorate, the remodeled space yet.) And while it’s not always practical to live in a staged space (because we like to have our toaster or coffee…
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