Are You Living Like a Squatter?

“Life’s too short to live like you’re squatting in your own home.” I saw this quote from a designer who was advising homeowners, “don’t wait to decorate.” The same advice should apply to remodeling. Too many times we hear of people who’ve lived in their homes for 10, 20 even 30+ years who suddenly want…
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Staging Rules for Everyday Decor

When we take after photos of projects, we stage the space. (Because we take pictures shortly after completion of the project, homeowners haven’t had time to live with, and decorate, the remodeled space yet.) And while it’s not always practical to live in a staged space (because we like to have our toaster or coffee…
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We’re Moving

UPDATE: We’ve moved! Our new address is 404 5th St in West Des Moines. We’re moving! We’ve been in our office space since 2009 and we’ve loved it here. But we remodel homes, so we’re moving our office into a home on 5th Street in historic Valley Junction. It needs A LOT of remodeling, which…
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Project Profile: In the Zone With a Well-Dressed Rustic Basement

Having lived in their new home for several years, these inspired homeowners were ready to finish their basement and transform it into a multi-zone space where they could mix and mingle with family and friends. Following several months of collaborative planning and construction, we delivered an envy-worth basement. With clean lines and neutral tones, the…
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How to Hire a Professional Remodeler

If you have collected photos of your dream kitchen, drafted a general budget, and talked with friends about how you wish your home was more comfortable or modern, you may be ready to hire a professional remodeler to get the job done right. A professional has training, experience, and references from satisfied clients to demonstrate…
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