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February 9, 2021
A beautiful bathroom with beautiful interior

Beaverdale Bath & Bed

Old homes are amazing, but sometimes they have opportunities for improvement. This second floor bathroom was narrow, dark and dated, so we rearranged the space, installed all new finishes and made sure the plumbing and electrical was met current code. The result is a beautiful 3/4 bath that integrates well with the home’s age. We also updated the home’s master bedroom so that it’s more functional and updated.

The footprint of this bathroom didn’t change, but changes to the layout make the room seem more spacious. The new layout and finishes make the bathroom more functional with a spacious new vanity and tile shower.

Before the remodel, the shower/tub combo took up a considerable amount of room in the space … and it was a lovely shade of salmon. The couple opted for a tile shower that is light and open and still in keeping with the style of the home.

From this angle it’s easy to see that the bathroom had no vanity, just a sink. No vanity is no good, so we designed a amply-sized vanity in the old shower space. Initially, the couple wanted double sinks, but with the allotted space, two sinks would have resulted in too little counter space. An excellent compromise is a large trough sink with two fixtures that leaves ample space on either side.

Gold fixtures and hardware stand out against the neutrals in this bath and bedroom. Gold fixtures also work well with black accents like those on the shower glass. Brixton honey gold pulls from Top Knobs come in multiple lengths for various size drawers, cabinets and closets. The plumbing fixtures throughout are from the Delta Trinsic collection in champagne bronze finish.

Before, the master bedroom had a door that opened to a rooftop, built-in shelving and two tiny hinged closet doors. We replaced the door with a window, replaced the shelves with built-in dressers and installed bi-fold doors making the closet much more accessible. New base trim and fresh paint throughout made the room like new!

No matter how old – or new – your home is, we have the experience and ability to turn your home into your dream home. Contact us for a free consultation to see how we will help you Love Your Home!


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